Saturday, July 24, 2010

To blog or not to blog?

Recently, I fell in web-love with a blog. This made me start to ponder... I have thoughts and opinions. Sometimes I express them in amusing ways (amusing to me, at least). Perhaps I could write a blog!
Then the doubt process began. Self-doubt is one of my super-powers (as is procrastination) so I spent over a week contemplating the major life decision that is starting a blog.

Some of the points of consideration...

Yes, I should totally start a blog! W00t!
- I am mostly an unemployed bum at the moment, so it would help keep me occupied and out of trouble.
- It would be an opportunity for me to express my thoughts about the world, without having to engage in actual social interaction.

What the hell are you thinking? No blog for you!
- I might not be quite as hilarious as I imagine (or, more likely, not everyone shares my highly evolved sense of humour).
- Like many, many of my previous ideas, I will probably find blogging interesting for approximately a week before I find a new distraction.
- If no-one follows my blog, I will feel rejected and sulk.
- If anyone follows my blog, I feel under pressure, and suffer instant writer's block, and probably paralysis.
- I am a Human Sponge, and write in the style of whoever I'm reading at the time, and I don't want to seem like a massive copier.
- Just writing this has made me tire of the word "blog."

Still, despite the cons overwhelming the pros, I went ahead and made a Blogger account.

The blog name I wanted (Full Frontal Nerdity) was taken!

But I've forged on ahead, and made my first mediocre post. Hurrah!

If anyone chooses to read this, expect to find mention of:
- Speculative fiction (fantasy, scifi and horror). I heart these genres!
- Animals. I hang out with a lot of animals.
- Horse riding.
- Jerks through History. It's a concept I'm exploring.
- Social ineptitude.
- Grammar, spelling and punctuation rage and/or confusion.
- Stuff. Maybe also things.

Who could resist?

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  1. Hello, friend.

    Consider yourself under pressure.:-)