Saturday, September 4, 2010

Green Mouse is missing

It's been a grim time for the last few days. Without Green Mouse to distract him, Bersi has been bored and full of discontent - which involves wandering around the house yelling for hours on end.

So today I went to a pet shop to find him a new toy. I stood in front of the cat toy display, staring critically at the range. So many little mice, but none that made a rattly sound, and Bersi shuns the quiet ones. I stood there for some minutes, fondling and shaking toys to test their suitability. But finally, success! A packet of 4 - 4! - rattly mice. And such colours!

I took them home, displayed them on the bed. Bersi was intrigued. I picked one up and shook it. "Are you ready?" I asked Bersi - the traditional precursor to a throw. Bersi crouched low, body tense. He was ready. I threw - he pounced - he triumphantly took the mouse through to LSBF to throw. It was a hit!

So let me introduce... Disco Mice!!!

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