Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fitness revolution for my feet!

I bought a new super extra supportive sports bra, and better even than finding a good bra was that I got a FREE sporty headband and FREE pair of sport socks with it. FREE is my very favourite price for things.

And sure, I don't wear headbands, because my head is a munted shape and they slip off, but I wore it for an hour or two just because it was FREE and I wanted to get my no-money's worth.

And today I tried on my socks for the first time. OMG they're like sports bras for my feet! They have built in arch support, and mesh bits for that sexy hint of skin, and they're a sporty white with red trim. I went for a walk, and I think my feet might now be fitter than they've ever been. With these socks, my feet could run a marathon. This is a momentous day.
Look at those sexy devils. Have you ever seen feet brimming with quite so much athletic vigor?

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