Friday, August 27, 2010

Shut up brain!

This is what "being a girl" is like for me.

We went to the shops to fulfil a hot-beef-and-gravy-roll craving for my Long Suffering Boyfriend (LSBF).
"Excuse me," said my brain. "I wanna top!"
"Oookay," I said, and wandered through a few clothes shops. No tops caught my attention.
"Um, brain - what kind of top?"
"Don't know," mumbled my brain.
"Maybe a purple one?" my brain offered.
"How bout this purple one?"
"This one?"
"This one?"
"Maybe," my brain said grudgingly. I carried the top around for a few minutes while we checked out the toys.
"Scuse me," my brain piped up again. "I don't want that one either."
"Fine!" I snapped, and we went home.

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